Sebaceous Hyperlasia

What is sebaceous hyperplasia?

This refers to the development of small raised white or skin-coloured lesions on the forehead or central face. These develop in individuals with a greasy skin (seborrhoea) and are due to excessive collections of grease and skin cells. They are typically 1-3mm in size and may resemble a type of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma.


sebaceous hyperplasia cheek sebaceous hyperplasia close view sebaceous hyperplasia and basal cell carcinoma (upper lesion)

Is treatment necessary?

Sebaceous hyperplasia is not harmful and treatment is only necessary if the skin lesions cause cosmetic embarrassment. Occasionally, a small skin sample may need to be taken to exclude a skin cancer. This can be taken by scraping the skin (curettage) or by a punch biopsy involving stitches. 

Treatment Options